Your Ceilidh


Kilter is the band for you.

From Village Halls to Stadiums and even Ferries.  If you are looking for a high quality and entertaining band, talk to Kilter about your event.


Kilter loves the to play for weddings, it’s a real honour to be part of such a special celebration.

  • Kilters offering…
  • Ceilidh band with dance caller
  • Ceilidh band with dance caller & DJ
  • Ceremony Piping
  • Early PA set up (including use of microphones for speeches and it can be used for background playlists etc)
  • Ceremony music
  • Drinks Reception background music

Kilter draws on it’s vast experience to fine tune requirments for each wedding, because they are all different.  They love to dig deep to find the unique spark that will light up a celebrations and make it memorable for all involved.  The experienced dance caller sets the tone and ensures that everyone feels comfortable and welcome.  The band will continue to work the dance floor and encourage everyone to give everything to the ceilidh.

The DJ set is the perfect compliment to the ceilidh.  You are welcome to have as much or as little influence on the DJ as you would like.  You can present the band with anything from 5 songs to include while playing bangers that work for the crowd.  Or you can give us a complete set list that we will mix live and keep the party going.  Alternatively we can use our experience to judge the crowd and play what works for them.

Kilter’s PA system is appropriate for any venue.  We have a big system for big venues, and it’s modular so it can be scaled down for smaller more intimate parties.

Kilter have had the pleasure of playing weddings right across the UK and beyond.  Kilter always bring the party and will have your dance floor full to top of your special day.

Corporate Events

Kilter has enormous experience in playing for corporate events.  They know how to inject energy into and event, and how to hustle to get everyone involved.  A ceilidh is the ultimate way to bring people together.  The band delivers a culturally rich experience to send international delegates home with huge smiles on their faces.

  • Ceilidh Band with dance caller
  • Ceilidh band with dance caller & DJ
  • Welcome Piper
  • Highland Dancers
  • Drinks reception background music
  • Early set up
  • Stage plan and channel list available for production companies

Student Gigs

From Burns night to Freshers week ceilidhs and everything in between.  Kilter inject a special brand of mayhem into student events.  There are lots of opportunities to free style at Kilter student ceilidhs across Scottish Universities. 

  • Ceilidh Band with dance caller
  • Ceilidh Band with dance caller & DJ
  • Welcome Piper
  • Drinks reception music
  • Highland Dancers
  • Early Set up
  • Stage plan and channel list available for production companies

Private Parties

Contact Kilter to explore how make your private party special and unique.  Kilter is sensitive to small details that can make a party very special and unique.  Every time Kilter performs it is a balance of taking clients details and requests, alongside our experience and judgement to forge a memorable night.